About me

My background

My name is Antigone MENETREY, I am 24 years old and I studied Game Design at Bellecour Ecole. I have a degree in Computer Science from Nice Sophia Antipolis’s University. I also spent 1 year in Nice’s Condé art school and I’m a member of Women In Games.

With Bellecour Ecole I worked on various game projects taking different roles such as narrative designer, game artist and game designer. Those experiences made me confident that making games is what I want to do.

My hobbies

I have been a huge fan of video games since I was a kid, Blizzard games and the Final Fantasy saga made me really interested in storytelling and worldbuilding. Then it’s when Undertale came out that I really discovered my passion for game design itself, how mecanics and design can impact the player experience in new ways, and how we have to think of games as an art form. There is a lot of potential in this media that is still to be exploited and I am thrilled to work and unravel it all !

I also like art in many forms, I draw and write outside of games, and I am very interested in understanding artistic forms that I am not familiar with as well as talking and communicating with other artists on their perspective on their art. I also have been a comedian for 10 years in a theater troupe, I love acting, and I am facinated with voice actors and comedian, I love to talk and work with them, aswell as acting myself. My passion for theater mostly comes from getting inside the mind of a character, how they feel and how they think, this helps a lot in my creative process too, and is a reason why I love games with story choices.

I am also a big traveler, throughout my life I traveled to a lot of places such as Canada, Sahara, China, Italy, Egypt, Ouzbekistan, Maldives, Berlin, Iceland, Hungary, Croatia and Greece. I love seeing other cultures and meeting people that live in other countries, I think it’s really making me having a new perspective on life as well as on what I create, it’s a creative fuel and to grow. My passion for mythology of everywhere drives me to discover more about how it culturally impacted civilisations and people, and is having a big impact on the countries I want to see, this is also a reason why traveling helps me be creative.

My skills

My time at Bellecour Ecole and my work on personal projects helped me train a lot of skills, such as coding (C#,C++,HTML,CSS) and drawing. I also managed to learn how to use a few softwares that help a lot in making games.

Some editing skill in photoshop, for testing UI elements, icons, drawing basic vectorial stuff, or creating a title

Basic 3D modeling and texuring, for mainly low poly assets

I have used the engine for a project in VR, I am familiar with most features

Used for most of my projects, familiar with both 3D and 2D with the engine, and working on mobile too

I have a graphic tablet and use it to draw mock ups, layouts, or even 2D assets, basic 2D animations etc…