Reaching is a project that involved 13 people in the Bellecour Ecole’s Creative week setting, we had to work with people from various sections of the school to make an interactive cinematic in 5 days on a specific theme (ours was desert).

  • Louise Vallée, concept artist
  • Arthur Mougne, concept artist
  • Leonard Delarche, game design, narrative design and storyboard
  • Leonard Savio, game designer and programmer
  • Antigone Menetrey (me), game designer and storyboard
  • Virgile Sadon, game designer, environmental artist and programmer
  • Clément Gallardo, game designer and VFX & SFX artist
  • Erwann Pottier, game designer, programmer and SFX artist
  • Oceane Graca, 3D character artist, texture artist
  • Quentin Lefant, 3D character artist
  • Thibault Empereur, 3D environmental artist
  • Lea Leynia, 3D environmental artist
  • Heloise Gaimard, 3D environmental artist
  • Alicia Lagrost, 3D animation


Reaching is a short interactive cinematic made with unity, you follow an Old man in his final moments, walking in his own mind through the memories of his life symbolized by a desert full of objects he use to live with. You can make it so some of them activates by pressing keys at the right time.

What I did

I discussed and gave ideas in the first days meeting when we were all discussing what we were going to do. Then I worked on designing some interactions with the environment, composed the music and helped making the storyboard for the cinematic.