The Magical Odyssey

Artwork by Lucie Bouteille

The Magical Odyssey is a VR game, developed on Unreal Engine with a team of 4 people as a school project for Bellecour Ecole in 8 weeks:

  • Alice Lescure, Game Design and Tech
  • Rémi Dumas, Game Design and Level Design
  • Valentin Guene, Game Design and Lead Project
  • Antigone Menetrey (me), Game Design and Art


The Magical Odyssey is a runner that uses VR as a tool for it’s main mechanic, You have to use your body to survive a magical trip on a train. Inspired by the way Beat Saber is played, the gameplay will require you to be reactive and move a lot, watching out for obstacles that comes toward you as you are advancing on top of a train. approaching at high speed, branches and geysers can be mortal enemies. Your life is symbolized by magic balls in your hands that get slower each time you are hit. But it’s not there only purpose as if you join both of the magic spheres in your hands you’ll shoot a laser beam and be able to destroy magic objects to gain more points. as it is a runner you’ll have to survive as long as you can in an endless canyon full of magic mushrooms and trees.

What I did

In the begining of the project I worked on Game Design, to put everything in place, mecanics, scope, theme etc… We worked as a team to have a clear idea of what we where going to do.

Then I did most of the art of the game, 3D models and particle effects, scenery, examples below :