Yokai Rodeo

Yokai Rodeo is a cooperative board game for 4 players and was my first board game ever as well as the first project I had to make for Bellecour Ecole in 10 weeks with a team of 4 game designers and 3 artists. We had to pick random words that worked as creative constraints in order to make the game fit those themes. We had to create a game with Japan as the theme, that takes place on an island with cowboys as playable characters and a modular board. 

  • Fabio Goncalves, Concept Artist
  • Yves Behal, Concept Artist
  • Melisande Armand, Concept Artist
  • Alice Lescure, Game Designer
  • Quentin Delmas, Game Designer
  • Samuel Do Nascimento Goncalves, Game Designer
  • Antigone Menetrey (me), Game Designer


You play as 4 cowboys trapped in a magical island. To escape you must find the fours shrines that are hidden in each region of the island, but beware on your way you might encounter powerful enemies that will delay your progression. Or you might find treasures that could help you on your journey. When the shrines are activated a boss appears and change the state of the game, you have to adapt to the new win condition in order to finish the game before the turn counter reaches 8. At the start of the game you each take a character from the 4 at your disposition, each of them have unique special ability, then each player builds a region of the island by placing tiles face down as they wish around the center of the island (Portal Tiles). Then it’s up to you to move each turn and uncover the mysteries of this mystical place. Every time you step on a tile you reveal it and activate it’s effect depending on the symbol that you see, it can be drawing a monster, an equipment card, an event card, discovering a shrine or activating a catastrophe. Catastrophes allow you to exchange 2 tiles between regions as you wish. 

Tiles of each region
An exemple of a boss

What I did

At first we were all brain storming ideas, but when it came to assign tasks I was first in charge of designing the tiles, their effects/mechanics, balance, how they interact with one another and how many of each should we put in each zone etc…

Then I was charged to design the different monsters and bosses, their stats, effect, balance etc…